Digidoor Paratrak

Digidoor Paratrak

Roll-Up Garage Door Operator

Advantages and Benefits:


  • Paratrak overcomes the coning and jamming that barrel and side motors are susceptible to
  • Paratrak simultaneously drives the curtain equally, left and right
  • Smooth centred drive minimizes strain on door components
  • Improves reliability
  • Versatile, fitting in narrow spaces and on various door brands
  • Easy DIY installation. No heavy lifting and easy work height
  • Maintenance access could not be easier.

  • Added Features:


  • Courtesy LED light
  • 24 Volt DC motor
  • Multi-obstacle sensing
  • Battery back up to counter load shedding
  • Auto close function possible
  • Optional wall console control unit in addition to hand held remotes
  • Optional added safety beam.


    * All prices exclude installation. Installation will be quoted for when needed. E&OE